HeimVegen is a unique experience of Nature, Culture and Health where Wilderness and Outdoor activities, traditions, natural therapies and natural, holistic health are lived and offered in their wholeness.

HeimVegen is run by Kirsten and Jeremy W.Aalstveit from their family farm, Aalstveit, in Hemsedal. Organic farming and forestry with much physical work outside,  mountain living, following the seasonal flow of work, play and rest in the taiga and tundra landscape – these are the base and background for for the activities offered by HeimVegen.

Kirsten was born and grew up on Aalstveit where her family have lived since the Viking age. In addition to farming she enjoys hiking and skiing, local handicrafts, folk dance etc.. She was educated at Lien Agricultural College and has, from Axelssons Institute, education in Rosen Method, Classical Swedish Massage and Foot Zone Therapy. Kirsten also practices and offers Reiki Healing and has over 25 years experience as a holistic, complimentary therapist.

Jeremy grew up on a highland farm in Britain and is used to handling animals, physical work outdoors, handwork and a plenty of Outdoor and Wilderness activities. He has completed the Two Year  Mentorship Seminar in Friluftsliv (Norwegian Mountain and Wilderness activities) and Culture with the Norwegian Alpine Centre and has a B.A. (Hons) in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He has practiced Zen Meditation and Wado Ryu Karate since 1978, instructing in these since 1986. He also practices and teaches Tenshinshoden Katori Shinto Ryu, an ancient Japanese martial art.

A little philsophy for those who might be interested

The word Heim (Home) in Norwegian has been used since the age of the Vikings in connection with a culture and a landscape. In Viking myths we find Vanaheim, Jotunheimen, Nivlheim. Later, in 17. and 1800, larger mountain ranges in Norway are called for ex. Stølsheimen (Sheiling Home), Breheimen Gacier Home), Reinheimen (Reindeer Home) and Jotunheimen (Home of the Giants).

The Norwegian expression i hus og heim means more than the house where you live. We get an indication of an inner landscape also; who we really are, our identity, family and microculture, where we belong and – most importantly – that we are not separate but are part of a whole. This feeling of wholeness developes and is extended when, for ex.,  we travel in wilderness; in the mountains or the forests, on skis, in a canoe but also when we do daily physical work outside and with animals. There is a meditative, healing aspect to this; feeling whole, we are at home (Heim) in body and mind. In Rosen Method, Classical Swedish Massage, Meditation, and Martial Arts being truly at home in body and mind is the Way (Vegen) – thereby the Way is the Goal. Natural touch, natural movement, natural breathing are expressions of this. The Outer and the inner landscape are one. Our modern lifestyle habits are often not natural and we become too separte, estranged. With a little mentoring, guiding and/or natural therapy we can rediscover å høyre heime ein stand – belonging to our true home. And then we can continue on our Way (of) Home – HeimVegen

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